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A man knows only a small part of his own psyche, just as he has only limited knowledge of the physiology of his own body. 

How we appear in the world may seem obvious at first, and for the most part it is.

You are you after all, right?

I am that I am

The thing is there is much more going on under the surface, rooted deep in our subconscious mind. An emotional blueprint, dictating how we both see ourselves in the world and constantly defining how other people see us.

A program, running on auto pilot, presenting itself as your identity, but defined often from voices from our past, constantly looking outside for a sense of being, always trying to find what it believes to be the missing piece of itself.

The way you act, speak, behave, treat other people (and yourself) is without self-awareness no more than a piece of software, downloaded into your subconscious then playing out as a state of being in your outwardly behaviours, through your 'personality'.

To understand ourselves better and to even begin to think about doing a mental rewire, it’s important to meet the parts of the self, that quite possibly you’ve never met before, but that have been trying to ‘talk’ to you for as long as you remember.

Changing your outward experience of life, means changing the way you talk to yourself, and to change the way you talk to yourself, you must first understand who is talking…

The parts of you that make up the inner workings of your overthinking mind can be broken down into four component parts:

The Inner Child is where your true essence resides. The loving, trustworthy and safe part of you that knows the world to be a good place. However this voice rarely gets heard having to settle for a place in the background, drowned out by the noise of the inner translator and egoic sense of self. It is the part of yourself that craves reconnection, and the place where the origin of your blueprint was formed.

The Inner Translator - As we encounter the outside world, the in-built translator keeps the score, it narrates how it sees life is unfolding in front of our eyes.

The voice inside your head that is either championing or criticising you, either euphoric or depressed, pleased or dissatisfied etc. is the inner translator relaying those events through a layer of the original emotional blueprint where all your associations, triggers and responses reside, inside your subconscious memory.

The Ego - Your inner critic or ego, is made up of all the voices of all the people you ever met in your life who in some way or another communicated or demonstrated to you that your voice didn’t matter, that your opinion wasn’t important. It determines your sense of self-worth, your self-esteem and this then manifests in your behaviours. It will only ever love or dislike itself in comparison to others.

The Persona is primarily concerned about how other people see you. It will adjust itself to fit into it's surroundings and to gain acceptance from others. Think of of it as a mask, that is ever changing. It is chamelon like in it's behaviour and it does this because it beleives if you were to show up as your authentic self you would be rejected. It believes it protects you, yet in truth it only ever provides temporary relief from these feelings.

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