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“Self Love” refers to our ability to hold ourselves in esteem and have confidence in our worth, no matter what happens around us. 

Owning our story and loving ourselves through that story is the bravest thing someone can ever do...Brene Brown

Self-responsibility and self-accountability are vital components of psychological maturity that is required of us in our adult life. If we believe that the other can provide us with self-worth that will help us to finally feel loved, we escape self-responsibility and enter the realm of a lower dimension of blame and shame, finger pointing and escapism from having to resolve the problem ourselves.


It is only by looking at your internal turmoil that you can finally begin to make sense of the many rattling questions you have in your head.


Your inner world is reflected in your outer experience of life.

You are a drop in the ocean

It is only from that place inside where we can pick up the jigsaw puzzles and keep building the bigger picture… For example, we will easily find out the answers as to why you keep repeating old cycles in your relationships or “attract” the same type of person into your life.


Once you decide that it is time to look yourself in the eyes and see what is starting back at you, there is no going back.


By opening the door to inner exploration and inviting self-awareness into your life, you can start understanding your own overthinking labyrinths and patterns of behaviours and begin to understand your own love language and blueprint for love that is buried in the depths of your psyche.

Forest for the trees

So, if right now, you feel like a soaking cloud, that’s ok because guess what, behind that cloud, there is sunshine and if you’ve been raining for a while, there will also be a rainbow.

Love yourself first

Hello self-awareness, I’ve seen you a few times but never had the chance to properly introduce myself…

And the journey begins.

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