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We stop feeling lonely when we no longer need external validation to avoid feeling alone.

I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up alone. It's not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel all alone...

You are never alone

Feeling lonely means, you have been “sleep walking” through your life and the loneliness is a signal that something inside wants you to wake up.

It’s 2AM everything is quiet around you, all your loved ones are sleeping and even the birds and crickets outside your window have suddenly dropped off the face of the earth, hiding somewhere.

You finally have the well-deserved and very needed “me” time. Time to breathe and catch up with yourself but all you feel is this strange numb place which despite all the love you feel you have in your life and all the love you share with your family, friends, partner etc., you just can’t escape this feeling of loneliness, as your overthinking mind spirals off into asking questions in the dark that nobody can answer (but you)…

And somehow your mind sucks you into a rabbit hole from which you cannot escape.

Insomnia from overthinking

“Why do I feel so alone in this world right now”

“What’s it all for”

“What is the point”

“What is wrong with me”

“Why is nothing working”

“Why do I feel so detached from people”

“Why does nobody understand me”

“Why don’t people see me?”

“I am so alone….”

A time for reflection

Or you are getting ready for work and look into the mirror, you no longer recognise yourself. You don’t know who you are. It is as though, all day long, you “deceive” yourself that you are happy and keep strong for everyone around you.

It is very commonplace for most of us to run with our thoughts in this direction and many of us, sooner or later, will also ask:

Why does nobody truly love me?

If you ever get to/ are in this place right now, please hold yourself in compassion and carefully observe that the internal feeling of lack of connection to the Inner Loving Self has now externalized itself onto the world of others and it is likely you will try to “fix” the issue by looking outside rather than inside.

So many of us, when in that place, start to work on all sorts of areas of our life, new job, new partner, new house in a new area constantly searching for that connection in someone or something to take away that nagging feeling, but so few turn inwards and see it as a sign of inner disconnect from the self.

But how can we be disconnected from ourselves; we are ourselves?

You are the universe
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