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Big boy's don't cry...

75% of teenage suicides are boys, the highest demographic for suicide is men aged between 40 and 50 - three times higher than women of the same age.

This page is dedicated to all my brothers out there that have been raised to believe that strength means silence, and that showing your emotions and being vulnerable is a sign of weakness.

It isn't...

Being a strong man, a good father, partner and friend to your brothers requires emotional vulnerability, transparency and a willingness to show up authentically.

It's not your fault you were taught to hide these parts of yourself, but it's never too late to change...

Being a better man

The image of a man is a defined concept, readily accepted by society at large and then on a smaller scale in our workplace and at home by our families and partners.

Feeling the pressure, we ourselves accept this ‘ideal’ and strive to be “the rock” or “the glue” that holds it all together.

The emotionally regulated and stable presence that should never “fall apart”, ever ask for help or appear vulnerable.

Being a good father

This leads us to internal emotional turbulence, which can often lead to emotional detachment, depression, addiction issues and relationship dysfunction, not to mention physical consequences of high blood pressure and anxiety. 

If we just allowed ourselves the luxury of opening up on how we really feel, without the risk of shame associated with being seen as a weak man, we would find that nothing is further from the truth.

Being a good partner

We are scared that we will be rejected, fuelled by a deep sense of shame that we are not meeting both society's ideals of masculinity, but also those of our peers and loved ones, and in many cases our wives, partners and parents.

But behind all the subconscious self-rejection and shame lies self-acceptance and emotional freedom, should you have the courage to ask for help and explore the parts of you that are holding you back from all the experience that life should be.

Finding youself
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