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Flow state experiences are marked by feelings of contentment, eudaimonia, and the absence of anxiety or boredom. Creating flow can boost confidence, resilience, and self-esteem while lowering stress and depression risk. 

A flow state can be defined as a sort of effortless attention. When in flow, we are deeply absorbed in our activities yet there is no feeling of exerting effort. It also involves a feeling of high-energy positive emotion (similar to excitement or enjoyment) and unique physiological activation patterns that resemble patterns similar to both positive feelings and high attention. 

Mindfulness is an excellent tool for entering flow state...

It is likely your co-dependent behaviours are learnt and this is often from childhood experience and trauma, sometimes before we are even 8 years old.


Recovery is a rewiring process that involves gaining a deeper understanding into your own experience, reconnecting to the parts of you that feel insecure and working on your own self worth, self esteem and learning to provide a solid base for your sense of well being - so you can provide your own emotional safety and escape the need to have someone else make you feel emotionally regulated.

I hope you find the courage to explore this part of yourself and begin your journey to emotional freedom, it isn't found in changing your relationship or the way you look.


Emotional freedom comes from working on how you feel about yourself, and then working towards reframing and rebuilding how you think about yourself and your own sense of self worth, so you can experience loving healthy relationships with other people by learning to love yourself first.

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