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If you're searching for that one person who can change your life...look in the mirror

Self love isn't is absolutely necessary...

I wonder if I asked you to name things you loved, how long it would before you mentioned yourself?

In order to create inner joy and happiness, we must first understand what it is that makes us happy, this is often a much more difficult question to answer than it sounds. 

Finding your sunshine means finding your inner bliss, some people are deeply connected to that part of themselves, they create happiness internally and their environment reflects this back to them.

But for many, happiness is always something searched for outside the self, and most of the time remains elusive, so much so that he search for 'sunshine' just becomes an endless loop of trying to escape unhappiness, only finding it in fleeting external moments of joy, before it is taken away again.

Perhaps the saddest part of all, is you don't even know what makes you happy anymore? 

To become so disconnected from the very source of who you are, that happiness, joy and a sense of wellbeing can only be gained from something outside of you, usually someone else...

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Self Care

If I asked you to tell me what makes you happy, you could probably give me a long list of things, but it's unlikely you would say "I make me happy".

Book your free discovery session below to start learning how to love and respect yourself, understand (and apply) personal boundaries and build a solid internal platform so you can experience better relationships and a more whole hearted life. 

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