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  • Free discovery session

  • Module 1: The Uncomfortable Silence

  • Module 2: The Download of Origin

  • Module 3: The Psychological Jigsaw Puzzle

  • Module 4: Thought Patterns & Behaviours

  • Module 5: Raising Self-Awareness & Rewiring

  • Module 6: Building Emotional Freedom


Each online session is 75 minutes in length.

Course Fee is £395.00 payable in advance via PayPal or Bank Transfer

Every paying customer will receive a free copy of our book and the opportunity to receive an Amazon gift voucher for £25.00 for a successful referral booking. We will also send you your free Self Awareness Journal on PDF to make notes as you progress through the course.

If you would like to continue with your growth after the course, you can book individual sessions for £69 each. These are only available to customer who have purchased the training course.

Complete the booking form below and we will be in touch!

Please note we are UK based so consider this when considering a booking. Our appointment slots are between 10AM & 4PM Monday to Friday, however we can be flexible and offer some evening and weekend slots.

Meet The Team

Darren Mizon

Darren Mizon

I can help you with understanding and managing your anxiety and building your sense of self-awareness. I am passionate about making a change in how we tackle mental health problems and wish to reduce stigma around it by stepping into vulnerability with the right tools that will keep you safe from negative life experiences whilst enhancing and deepening the positive ones.

I can help with:

  • Mindfulness and Self-Awareness tools

  • Overcoming Anxiety

  • Co-dependency

  • Addictive behaviours

  • Mid-life crisis

  • Masculine Vulnerability

Dorota Grzegorzak

Dorota Grzegorzak

I work with women who wish to build their sense of self-confidence and want to re-discover their sense of self and purpose in life. Building strong inner foundations is of tremendous value and brings us closer to psychological maturity that is required of us in the fast-paced, ever-changing world we live in right now. 

I can help with:

  • Building self-confidence

  • Tacking New Life chapters

  • Feeling disconnected from parents

  • Relationship problems

  • Shopping addiction

  • Body dysmorphia

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