Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

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Hi, I'm Darren,

I am 46 years old and after a successful 20 year career in corporate business sales, at 41 I decided that I'd had enough of what had become a soul sucking job, that despite earning 'good' money, I'd become exhausted with life, physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. I wasn't even sure what I wanted from life anymore, I only knew that it needed to change.

I was also at this point addicted to the
prescription drug Tramadol. (Read more here). Over the last 5 years I have been on somewhat a journey of self-discovery, that started when I read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. This quickly followed an interest in the psychologist Carl Jung, and before I knew it, I was studying psychology, philosophy and counselling. I had therapy and alongside that was researching mindfulness and started practicing meditation.

I found the space to finally kick my addiction, spend time alone in nature, and do the one thing that it dawned on me had been missing all my life, look for answers to old problems by taking a long hard look inside myself, rather than focus on what was going on outside of me, my reality, my 'life'.

I have learnt much about myself, and spent time healing the parts of me that deep down in my subconscious were driving my thoughts, behaviours and outcomes of life in a negative way. My life only changed externally as a result of the changes I made internally.

Today my life is no longer stuck somewhere between regretting the past and being afraid of the future. 'Feeling better' came as a result of healing old pain and finding the strength to let go of the past, so that I could create space for a better future. I am no longer afraid of the future, I have trained myself to live life in the moment, in the now, to allow my reality to create itself on a daily basis, and to show up and meet it however it arrives.

This means accepting the good and the bad as the duality of life, to stay grounded and emotionally balanced during difficult times, and to allow myself to embrace moments of joy and celebrate the little successes that come our way.

I am passionate about trying to make the world a better place, to show up as the best version of myself in order to inspire others to do the same, to be a good father and partner, to embrace all that life has to offer and to promote peace and kindness.

I am an advocate for men's mental health and those suffering with addiction, I want to help people understands and overcome co-dependency so that they can finally be free to enjoy their lives and their relationships without the threat of being narcissistically abused.

Co-dependent people attract narcissists like moths to a flame, but there is much you can do to overcome this. Co-dependency isn't a life sentence, just a set of subconscious behaviours that can be changed, co-dependency is also intrinsically linked to

I stand against abuse in any form, regardless of gender, but I hope I can inspire more men to speak up, to ask for help, to allow themselves to be more vulnerable and to understand strong DOES NOT mean SILENT. Male suicide between the age of 40 and 50 is the highest demographic for suicide and 3 times higher than women of the same age.

Being a strong man does not mean accepting abuse, and this includes emotional and psychological abuse.

If you are a man reading this, you are safe here brother...

I believe we should teach self-awareness and mindfulness in schools, and that the education system needs a complete overhaul. I promote simplistic living, the benefits of
nature and believe we all need need to take a collective responsibility to take care of what we have and each other.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, music (playing the guitar very badly), meditation, camping, walking, psychology, philosophy, travelling, cooking and gardening.

So welcome to our little project, an idea that was born during COVID as a platform to help others with anxiety. We are happy you stopped by and if you're ready, then myself or Dorota would love to talk to you and work with you so that you too can start your own journey of self work, it's never too late, you just have to make a start.

This isn't counselling, it isn't coaching and it certainly isn't 'spiritual' guidance (I'm not even sure what that means). It's a sharing of knowledge and experience, it's a safe place to talk, and if you're ready, it is as roadmap on a journey of self-discovery, for more inner peace, less anxiety, less addiction, better relationships and taking back control of your life.

Whatever the next step is on your own personal journey, I wish you peace and happiness.

Much Love, Darren.