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Darren & Dorota

self reflection

Self-awareness is the mental space generated by moving away from internal unconscious mental dialogue or chatter (you know - that voice inside our heads that seems to run on autopilot and never stops) and ‘walking’ towards to a place of mental stillness. This means thought observation and acknowledgment that there is more to us than the never-ending loop of our own thoughts.

The question is of course, who are we behind the noise? Are we a creation of the narrative of who we 'think' we are inside our minds, or are we in fact something more than that? Are our negative thoughts truly ours? What about the positive ones? Are we the beneficiaries of our thoughts or are we victims of them? Can we ever truly ‘control’ the endless psychological universe we occupy in our ‘heads’?

By inviting stillness, thought observation and acceptance into our being, there is a mental space that grows, and what was once the turbulent and demanding presence of our unconscious egoic state and thinking patterns, soon will grow into the peaceful background hum of life.

A soothing, loving energetic field that arises from deep within us, bringing stillness and inner peace, emotional resilience, happiness, and optimism both with ourselves and the world at large.


Think of looking after your emotional and psychological wellbeing as performing a balancing act. If all you ever do is ‘think negatively’, it is no wonder why you keep sinking. It is very challenging to experience positive outcomes when the internal narrative inside is constantly negative. In this way, your experience of life is a direct reflection of how you feel inside, and more to the point - it is a consequence of how you think.

You can’t attract and enjoy success in life (whatever that looks like to you) if your underlying belief is that you are not worthy of it, or that it is unattainable. If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right.

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